Family Constellations

What Is My Intention?

It is always a special moment of the year when the light comes earlier in the mornings and the darkness falls a bit later in the afternoons. The return of the light is very welcome – though there is something enjoyable about the darkness, lighting lots of candles and making it cosy. Looking back And as the days begin to open up, it’s a time […]


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Lunchtime Constellations Workshops

Would you like a chance to take a step back from your everyday life? Have some breathing space to let questions form and solutions emerge? Reflect on your personal and professional life? Get the support from a trusted, supportive and confidential group? Then come and join us. We are a group of people with a desire to live our lives consciously. We want to take […]

Of Light And Darkness

After the feeling of being re-energised a few weeks ago, light is the impression that is coming to awareness at the moment. The unsaid and the unseen, the entanglement all weigh on our lives, restricting our ability to see the world (and the people around us) for what they really are. It is like having a pair of sunglasses or blinkers. At some point we […]



What is a ‘Family Constellation’?

You may have come to this website because of something you struggle with in your life. You might have been wrestling with these issues for a while, even worked with a counsellor or a therapist, and yet they continue to affect your life. What is a Family Constellation? There is great insight to be gained from opening our minds and our hearts to a bigger […]

‘Constellations of the Intention’ – Franz Ruppert

Franz Ruppert facilitated a TraumaConstellations Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland in June 2013. Experiences of trauma can be so overwhelming that they cause a split in the personality and soul. The painful feelings become hidden and survival strategies take up most of the space in our lives. What is then transmitted between generations is distorted, like interference on a radio. The clarity about who is responsible for […]



Watching Grief

Thank you for the article about Change and Healing. It helped me make sense of my thoughts and feelings. I thought I would share them with you. Three months ago, a baby died. Since then, I have been watching grief threaten to overwhelm our family. Its long fingers reach deeper and deeper into who we are, who we were, who we thought we were. It’s […]

What Does Change Have To Do With Healing?

When we feel pain we usually want it to go away, want to ‘get rid of it’. Paradoxically, this movement of pushing the pain away, refusing to embrace it and listen to it, is often the movement that causes more suffering. Working with family constellations, we see that where there is suffering there is also a way to release the tight grip that suffering has […]



“Even It Costs Me My Life”, Stephan Hausner

  While it is well known that we inherit health risks from our ancestors, it is less well known that we also inherit destinies from our ancestors. Combine these two and experience how unresolved suffering and guilt are passed from generation to generation without conscious awareness. These unconscious issues, stemming from events such as unexpected or premature deaths, forgotten family members, or injustices suffered or […]

What would ‘better’ feel like?

Whether you are working on yourself or with a client, it can be really fruitful to take time finding out what you want – or what your client wants. Some people call this our ‘intention’ or our ‘heart’s desire’, our ‘burning question’, our ‘goal’. Even the words we use can make a difference, they can help us to feel more open, able to support not- […]

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When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

Last weekend was the second of our Personal and Professional Development Group and it was truly an amazing weekend. We had the opportunity to learn about attachment, memory, and the brain. We practised mindful awareness through meditation to ground us in the present. We gave some space to issues that were pressing on our minds, either professionally, personally, or both as the two worlds often […]

Helen’s story

What follows is a personal account from a client I worked with in individual therapy about 14 years ago. I have asked her permission to include it because it shows movingly how much can follow from a very small intervention. Sometimes, as with Helen, the healing movement takes years and years before it bears fruit. All those years ago, we began to make a place […]



Family Constellations in individual sessions

When it comes to individual Family Constellations sessions, there is plenty of opportunity for creativity and experimentation. Different personalities feel more comfortable with some activities and senses than with others. The flexibility of a one-to-one session allows us to choose the approach that suits you best.   We can use visualization as a way of exploring. We can use various objects to represent the family […]

Family Constellations in Individual Sessions

How our life today can be affected by family dynamics – past and present. A person may be unconsciously ‘entangled’ with or involved in the story of previous generations and continue to carry that weight. Once the entanglement has been brought to light, the journey toward resolution and healing can begin. Family Constellations traditionally take place in a group setting. Some participants are chosen as representatives […]



Chaos theory and chaos constellations, order or confusion?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, a word normally rarely used pops up everywhere you look. For me, it’s been ‘chaos‘. Chaos in the weather forecast, which failed to predict a very cold spell, chaos in Haiti… Sneh sometimes refers to her work as ‘Chaos constellations‘, so of course the word caught my attention. I watched a programme on BBC 4 last week about chaos […]

Why a ‘Family Constellation’ workshop?

People come from very different starting points to family constellation workshops, bringing their unique story. Maybe you are struggling in your relationship, in your family, or with your children. You might feel something is holding you back from living the life you want. You might be struggling to come to terms with being adopted, or with the breakdown of a relationship. Maybe stress is pushing […]



Family Constellations – Sneh Victoria Schnabel

Leading international systemic constellations facilitator, Sneh Victoria Schnabel facilitated a two-day workshop in systemic constellations in Edinburgh in March 2010. Here are in her own words how she views her work: “ How could I not have fallen in love with chaos, as it provided me with most surprising, most intelligent and most humorous solutions; solutions of the kind one can never think of; solutions […]