‘Firstly I want to thank you for what was a very enjoyable and challenging weekend. The work I undertook personally has already begun to impact on my relationships and, as you stated, not necessarily in the way I would have predicted or imagined. My experience of you in the group was that you worked in a way that was safe but not too restricting, supporting exploration and being able to support people to hold their own boundaries. I was also very impressed at the end of the weekend by the amount of work you managed over the two days – and still appeared to work with each new constellation in a fresh and unique way. Again thank you and it was a really enlightening experience for me.’

‘I have also been meaning to write to you for ages to thank you for facilitating the amazing weekend that I attended.  I felt so completely transformed by the experience that I have been cautious in accepting that the change is real but as the weeks have turned into months, I continue to feel the same.  It was a bit like shedding a skin that had kept me trapped, unable to fully engage with my own life and now that skin has been left behind.  Despite having been faced by other problems and issues over the last few months, I have continued to feel clearer and stronger and fully involved with my own reality.  What an amazing reward from an amazing weekend.  Thank you for helping to make that happen’.