“Even It Costs Me My Life”, Stephan Hausner


stephan-hausnerWhile it is well known that we inherit health risks from our ancestors, it is less well known that we also inherit destinies from our ancestors. Combine these two and experience how unresolved suffering and guilt are passed from generation to generation without conscious awareness. These unconscious issues, stemming from events such as unexpected or premature deaths, forgotten family members, or injustices suffered or perpetrated by members of the family, exert an influence on successive generations.

Despite experience which shows that pharmaceutical or mainstream medical care is limited in its effectiveness, our culture of quick fixes nonetheless encourages such solutions. In contrast to these limited approaches, the hallmark of Bert Hellinger’s work is the gentle yetprofound process of systemic constellations, which shed light on and honor ancestral influences.

The compassionate awareness that results provides unique access to the deepest dynamics influencing the system, offers new ways to understand ourself and others, and points us toward lasting resolutions.“ -Sheila Saunders, RN, LMFT

Even if it costs me my life” by Stephan Hausner is a delight to read. People who want to learn and integrate more about constellations into their practice often ask me for reading lists. I would recommend it unreservedly. It is set out as a series of story-like accounts of constellations, with descriptions of the moves and reactions of representatives and clients.

It describes what we might call ‘classic’ constellations, outlining the process step by step. And then it has the extra quality that comes from Stephan’s work as a homoeopath and cranio-sacral therapist. He shares valuable insights into the clients, he brings a wealth of experience and his particular knowledge about illness, health, attachment and bonding, respect for life and death and the repeating dynamics he has observed throughout his work with constellations.

Although the subtitle of the book is ‘Systemic constellations and serious illness‘ in my opinion it is definitely of more general interest and relevance. The dynamics and ‘orders’ of love, as described initially by Bert Hellinger are all there in the constellations that Stephan describes. Its a great way to learn about them by witnessing how they occur naturally, and with less of the feel of ‘here are the rules, this is how it works’. There’s always a danger with books and written material on constellation work, that those who are eager to learn take on what is written as if it were the truth, or another and better moral code. When we work phenomenologically and mindfully, we do our best to avoid this, and books like this one help to demonstrate that way of working, with precise detail and careful and compassionate attention to the body.

Stephan Hausner, one of Europe’s foremost constellation facilitators, came to Edinburgh to facilitate a workshop in June 2012. He is a naturopathic practitioner and homeopath who has been in private practice for 20 years. Since meeting Bert Hellinger in 1993, Stephan has facilitated hundreds of workshops in this innovative phenomenological approach in 20 countries on 4 continents. Stephan relies on the principle that all healing is self- healing, and works towards creating the environment for self-healing to happen.