When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

Last weekend was the second of our Personal and Professional Development Group and it was truly an amazing weekend. We had the opportunity to learn about attachment, memory, and the brain. We practised mindful awareness through meditation to ground us in the present. We gave some space to issues that were pressing on our minds, either professionally, personally, or both as the two worlds often collide.

Family Constellations allowed us to slowly open up to a wider picture, making space for movement and truth. I would like to share with you a gentle “Breath Awareness” meditation led by Dan Siegel. You can download the free MP3 from his website. Mindful Awareness is a powerful skill to practice. It allows us to stay in the present, to stay in the clear and still depths of the ocean without being pulled into the waves and the storm at the surface. We are then free to notice shifts in our own body or in someone else’s, a useful skill for a working relationship with a client or any human interaction actually.

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? Time to nourish your soul, time to attend to that niggly worry that has been on the back of your mind for a long time, or something that has come up recently and thrown you off balance?