Family Constellations – Sneh Victoria Schnabel

IMG_1878Leading international systemic constellations facilitator, Sneh Victoria Schnabel facilitated a two-day workshop in systemic constellations in Edinburgh in March 2010.

Here are in her own words how she views her work:

“ How could I not have fallen in love with chaos, as it provided me with most surprising, most intelligent and most humorous solutions; solutions of the kind one can never think of; solutions that come when you least expect it – seemingly out of the blue, as in my first timid brush with chaos in a constellation that I was leading.

We were stuck. The picture did not move; no solution was in sight and the energy was slowly seeping out of the constellation. All of a sudden, a participant who was seated in the circle got up and walked straight through the constellation space in order to get something to drink from the other side of the room.

I was ready to jump on the brazen “trespasser” when all of a sudden I saw out of the corner of my eye that the stuck picture of the constellation had started to move! I let the trespasser repeat the path she had just taken, this time slowly and consciously. And a sigh of relief went through the standing representatives. “She was missing!” ” We need her; without her we are not complete.”

It was then easy to find the person whom we had forgotten to include. Ever since that moment, I have my eyes open for what is happening to the people “outside” the constellation and have learned to watch for signs in the whole room and even in the environment.

A sudden gust of wind that opens the door, the rolling thunder coming closer, a bird mistakenly hitting the window; all of this can lead the way towards understanding and resolution.”