Family Constellations in individual sessions


When it comes to individual Family Constellations sessions, there is plenty of opportunity for creativity and experimentation. Different personalities feel more comfortable with some activities and senses than with others. The flexibility of a one-to-one session allows us to choose the approach that suits you best.


  • We can use visualization as a way of exploring.
  • We can use various objects to represent the family members or the issues: e.g. figures, stones, shells, playmobils… The ‘representatives’ are then placed in a sand tray or on a table or a revolving stand, like a ‘lazy Susan’. The revolving stand allows you to view the family system from different angles.
  • We can also use markers on the floor: pieces of paper, scarves, shoes or coloured felt squares. You can then have the chance to move between the different places and feel how it is in each position, much as the representatives do in a group.
  • Relationchips’ (see photo) to symbolise the different positions or roles
  • Sometimes I can represent a family member or an issue for you for a while.

The process is similar to representatives in a group setting: they perceive sensations and feelings that bring meaning and clarity to the family dynamics and reveal entanglements. In a one-to-one session, placing the representative figures on the board or on the floor with the guidance of the therapist helps us look at hidden dynamics, unpicking or relaxing the fixed stories that constrain the healing movements that open our hearts to a wider truth.

The Family Constellation session – whether individual or in a group – is often only the beginning of a journey toward a sense of release and peace