Family Constellations in Individual Sessions

iStock_000009023651Small2How our life today can be affected by family dynamics – past and present.

A person may be unconsciously ‘entangled’ with or involved in the story of previous generations and continue to carry that weight. Once the entanglement has been brought to light, the journey toward resolution and healing can begin.

Family Constellations traditionally take place in a group setting.

Some participants are chosen as representatives for the family members and a facilitator helps build the family constellation. The representatives’ feelings or sensations help inform the process. The same powerful methodology can be adapted and used in a one-to-one consultation.

Viewing a person as part of a wider community

– e.g. family of origin, the current family, or an organisation – is one of the most powerful aspects of the Family Constellations approach. When I work with a client in a one-to-one consultation, I don’t leave my experience as a facilitator at the door. I can widen the lens with which I view the landscape of the client’s life and take into account the transgenerational effects of the events in client’s family history, therefore bringing more clarity and progress.

When can a one-to-one consultation be helpful?

One-to-one Family Constellations sessions are flexible to suit your needs. I would initially meet you for an assessment session. We can discuss how it can help and whether I am the right person for you to be working with. Some people prefer to come for one or two stand-alone sessions. Occasional sessions might also help during the course of longer-term therapy or counselling. It’s also possible to come every so often, when you get stuck or want some extra input into your process. You may prefer to come to one or two individual sessions before coming to a group, while other people come to a group and then follow up with some individual work. There are no set rules, only what you need at that moment.

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