‘Constellations of the Intention’ – Franz Ruppert

FranzHpFranz Ruppert facilitated a TraumaConstellations Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland in June 2013.

Experiences of trauma can be so overwhelming that they cause a split in the personality and soul. The painful feelings become hidden and survival strategies take up most of the space in our lives. What is then transmitted between generations is distorted, like interference on a radio. The clarity about who is responsible for which feelings and experiences becomes lost.

It is impossible for a parent to avoid passing something of their own traumatic experiences on to their children – through the process of attachment. We are relational beings and our brains and bodies develop in resonance with other brains and bodies.

Deep feelings, perceptions, thoughts and embodied ways of being, which form the residue of the trauma, are experienced in the intimacy of the family – but there may be no words to explain what is being felt. Coherent explanations, which would help to make sense of these experiences, are often missing. So each of us develops ways of surviving and enduring, and then later in life we find our survival strategies holding us back from being the person we know we could be.

Franz Ruppert has developed a unique way of working sensitively with Constellations to reveal and resolve the hidden dynamics of past trauma. He emphasizes the need for the client to identify their intention for each piece of work, each step. The constellation then shows a way to see the splits, which may have always eluded our consciousness. If we can look and accept what is, there can be a sense of liberation as we start to come into a better relationship with reality and our potential for life and joy.