Lunchtime Constellations Workshops

  • family constellationWould you like a chance to take a step back from your everyday life?
  • Have some breathing space to let questions form and solutions emerge?
  • Reflect on your personal and professional life?
  • Get the support from a trusted, supportive and confidential group?

Then come and join us. We are a group of people with a desire to live our lives consciously. We want to take the time to reflect on where were come from and where we are at so that we might decide where we want to go. We want to live our lives freely, free from the things that might unconsciously be holding us back.

This group could be a place where you find insight as to how to be more effective at work. Where you find support during a challenging time, that helps you see what is right in front of you or helps you find resources you didn’t quite remember you had… It’s really up to you.

The workshops are facilitated by Clare Crombie. Clare is an experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and workshop leader. To broaden our horizons and open ourselves to a bigger picture, we will use the Family Constellation approach. This approach is about integration: recognising how the traumatic experiences in our families might be affecting us today, integrating parts of ourselves that we have been disconnected from. This new – broader – way of looking at the picture that was right in front of us all along often brings renewed energy and resolution.

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